(All Entree served with white Rice.) 
                                             (Additional Price for Brown Rice, Fried Rice, or Noodle) 

Sautéed Fried Tofu
  Sautéed garlic with fresh carrots, bell peppers, bean sprouts, mushrooms, snow peas, onions, & broccoli.
Vegetable Curry 
        (Red, Green, Yellow, Or White)
  Mixed vegetable (sweet basil, bell peppers, carrots, baby corn, bamboo shoots, green beans, & broccoli.
Sautéed Black Mushrooms
  Steamed spinach topped with sautéed oyster garlic sauce with baby corn, carrots, & black mushrooms.
Sautéed Broccoli
  Sautéed broccoli with oyster sauce topped with garlic. 
All Entrées Includes Your Choice Of Meat:
                                                  Lunch      Dinner
Pork, Beef, Chicken, Or Tofu      $ 8.75     $ 9.75 
Shrimp or Crabmeat                   $ 8.99      $ 9.99 Tilapia, Cod, Scallop                  $13.99     $13.99
Salmon (8 oz)                             $14.99     $14.99
Combination                              $14.99      $14.99
Seafood                                      $14.99     $14.99
Duck                                           $13.99     $13.99

Pork, Beef, Chicken, Or Tofu                     ADD $1.50
Shrimp or Crabmeat (3 pieces of shrimps)  ADD $2.00
Vegetable (each individual vegetable)        ADD $0.50
Mixed Vegetable                                        ADD $1.50

Spicy Level
Very Hot
Thai Hot
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